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In addition to our workshops on literary writing, the VWP offers songwriting workshops. Our short workshops are structured for veterans and family members who have some familiarity with an instrument and are interested in learning the craft of songwriting. The seminars in the workshop cover music theory, song structures, melody, harmony, and lyrics.

Our longer workshops are less structured. These sessions, to be run monthly in the Washington DC area, are a place where songwriters can come and share works, listen to others to pick up tips, or simply come to meet others and get a feel for songwriting.

All of these are hands-on workshops. Rather than telling their stories to a songwriter who then does the songwriting, participants in our workshops will learn strategies and techniques of the craft of songwriting, and then put those into practice to create their own songs.

Our curriculum developer studied music at Virginia Commonwealth University, is a graduate of the songwriting program at Berklee College of Music in Boston, and a regular solo performer in the Washington DC area. Our instructors and facilitators in the workshops are experienced teachers and performers, some (but not all) of whom are veterans and military family members.

We welcome any veteran, any service member, and any of their adult family members to our workshops. See the calendar page for more information.

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