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Photo: American Paratroopers prepare to jump into occupied France on June 6, 1944 — D-Day. Credit: DoD.

We invite veterans, serving members of the armed forces (active or reserve), and military or veterans’ family members to participate in our seminars and workshops. We don’t care if the veteran served in combat or never left stateside. It doesn’t matter when the veteran served. In fact, we want older veterans to come tell their stories alongside younger veterans. Family members of veterans, whether they are spouses, parents or adult children are welcome, too. All we ask is that participants want to learn about writing in order to tell stories. If those stories are relevant to serving in the armed forces or being part of a military family, so much the better. Occasionally, our sponsoring partners will limit workshop or seminar attendance to a specific group — some organizations can only serve veterans, and some can only provide support to disabled veterans, some to spouses, etc. In these cases, we have to follow their rules.