The Veterans Writing Project mentoring program is a mechanism for writers with finished or nearly-finished book-length projects who want feedback or guidance on completing or finalizing the work. Writers, editors, publishers, and other career professionals volunteer their time to take on individual projects, working with veteran- or family member-writers for a discrete period of time on a single project. In the past we’ve had writers of novels, memoirs, plays, and chapbooks of poetry enrolled in the program.

It works like this: Someone who needs help with a project approaches us with a proposal (simply an explanation of the project and the issues the writer wants help working through). We go through our list of volunteer mentors looking for someone with the correct skill and experience set to take the project on. We connect the two people. Between themselves, they create an informal contract (one full set of edits, two back-and-forths of a manuscript, whatever the two agree on). Once this is complete the two can walk away or continue as they wish.

The program is managed by Jake Agatucci. Jake served in the Army from 1990-94 and now teaches composition and literature at Central Oregon Community College.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, either as a volunteer mentor or to get help on a big project, write to We’re pretty sure there won’t be any knife hands involved.

Photo: Department of Defense.