February 2016 Themed Issue Congratulations (Part Two)

Congratulations to the following authors! Their work is forthcoming in the February 2016 women veterans’ themed issue of O-Dark-Thirty/The Report, our online journal and core publication. We’ll be posting work by these women veterans in February 2016 – one almost every day.

We were overwhelmed with the number and quality of submissions for this issue. While we’re publishing more than twice the usual number, we still had to decline many excellent works. We hope to see more submissions from women veterans in the future!


Lisa Wright
Kristine Otero
Ashley Bohn
Brittany Schick
Sarah Blum


Heather Johnson
Nicolya’ Jones
Elaine Little
Elizabeth Unangst
Valerie Bonham
Tessa Poppe
Lisa Wright


Maggs Vibo
Vicki Hudson
Gigi Tharpe
Melissa Thompson
Lucille Reyna
Nicolya’ Jones
Liz Medina
Laticia Brown
Reva Gaines
AnnaLou Jackson
Amanda Clerc
Brandy Williams
Lakesha Green