February 2016 Themed Issue Congratulations (Part One)

Congratulations to the following authors! Their work is forthcoming in the February 2016 women veterans’ themed issue of O-Dark-Thirty/The Review.

The issue will also feature an interview with former Marine Tracy Crow. Tracy is the author of a memoir, a novel, and a writing guide, and the editor of the anthology Red, White & True: Stories from Veterans and Families, World War II to Present.

We were overwhelmed with the number and quality of submissions for this issue. While we’re publishing more than twice the usual number, we still had to decline many excellent works. We hope to see more submissions from women veterans in the future!


Kate Hendricks Thomas
DeAnna Acker
Tenley Lonzano
Carolyn Schapper
Deborah Fries
Karen Dadey


Liz Ann Stetler
Victoria Rahn
Susanne Aspley
Rachel Brune
Sarah Estime


Anna Weaver
Maggs Vibo
Charlotte Brock
Maggie DeMay
Patricia France
Melissa Poff
Kristine Iredale
Jenny Linn Loveland
Crisann Hanes