Best Books for Writers?

This morning’s email brought this link to the Poets &Writers website, where the editors have put together their list of the 79 best books for writers. Seventy-nine, really? Anyway, I suppose many of us have a few how-to guides or other helpful writerly books lying around. I have three of the P&W choices plus a dozen or so others. I might add a couple to their list.

 The Describer’s Dictionary is a pretty handy tool. I think we can all us a decent grammar of English; I like the Webster’s Grammar, Usage and Punctuation. Some others might include Stephen King’s On Writing, Bill Zinsser’s On Writing Well, and Brooks and Warren’s Understanding Poetry (which is very hard to find so you might try The Ode Less Traveled by Stephen Fry.) Of course, our curriculum, Writing War: A Guide to Telling Your Own Story, is a good, all-around introduction to the elements of craft.

So what are your favorites, and why?



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